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Antarctica Expedition-On the Continent!

38Wow, a long but productive day yesterday (January 9th, 2016) . We were up at the Dreams Hotel in Punta Arenas this morning at 6:00 a.m. The transport picked us up at 7:00 for the ride to the airport and then we flew to Antarctica today! We can’t believe it, what good luck we had with the flight down weather! It was an amazing ride, very smooth and comfortable with a perfect landing on the blue ice runway of Union Glacier. Everyone enjoyed getting photos at the plane and we all transported in the monster snow tire vans over to the base area. It was good to get the layout of the land and eat some great food but before we knew it, we were called up to start getting ready to fly to Vinson Base Camp! We were transported on two separate DC3 flights over to a staging point on the glacier below Vinson, and then the twin otters shuttled the groups up to base, we are happy to be here and it took us a while to get set up and situated with such a big team but all is calm, perfectly still outside the tents and light! We will take a little slower morning to get better set up with our climbing groups and see where the day takes us!

Written by Ryan Waters, Mountain Professionals

Summit Team Building

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