Summit Team Building

During our 7 years working with Summit our organization has excelled both clinically and financially. We would not be where we are without the Summit Team. The Summit team is just that, part of our team. They have regularly being involved in leadership training, workshops and retreats. They have grown with the organization and provided the necessary tools for our organization to excel. I strongly recommend Summit for your organization - large or small.

David Musyj
CEO Windsor Regional Hospital

The Challenge

Windsor Regional Hospital, like all healthcare institutions, has been through a myriad of changes, mergers, and restructuring. The new CEO wanted to place a focus on the people within the organization believing that unless the people and the teams were functioning well the rest would never come together.

Starting with the Executive Team, the Directors, The Board of Directors, and the Medical Advisory Committee the goal was to gain clarity on their vision, mission, and values and then cascade that to the entire organization.

The Solution

When Summit started working with the Windsor Regional Hospital we set out to help them with this initial task. The work was so successful that Summit initiated a series of development programs for other leaders and teams within the organization. We have delivered session on effective communication, conflict resolution, team decision making, change, personality style, and so much more over the course of 7+ years.

Now merging three hospitals into one new facility, Summit has been assisting this new leadership team in achieving their targets and overcoming challenges along the way. Summit acts as a facilitator at important meetings and continually adds developmental content based on the organizations current needs. This is a true partnership that has seen Windsor Regional Hospital emerge as one of the best healthcare facilities in Canada.