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We made it to Qik! | Baffin Island Polar Expedition

After 12 hours and 3 flights we are at our final destination, Qikiqtarjuaq! And… all our gear made it! We had a wonderful visit with Meeka Mike in Iqaluit. She made us fresh bannock and tea and told us stories.

The flight from Pang to Qik (over the route we are travelling) was spectacular. Granite peaks shot up from either side of the valley. Tonight after dinner, we will do a final review of our gear and pack our sled bags.

Tomorrow we will be shuttled over the sea ice to our starting point on land. We are all very excited to finally be here, and getting ready to start the expedition tomorrow. We feel so fortunate to be in this beautiful part of Canada that so few Canadians have visited.

And tomorrow it’s warming up to a balmy -20 C!


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