Summit Team Building

Summit’s virtual team building programs help you attain and maintain high performance in a virtual work environment. These programs are designed to be fun and engaging and to help your team members connect in a deliberate way to enhance communication, trust, problem solving, collaboration and more.

Our virtual team building programs are 1-2 hours in duration and can accommodate teams from small to large.

When you give grown-ups permission to play, something amazing happens. People laugh together. They re-ignite that creative spark that came so naturally when they were all together in the same workplace. Add a little friendly competition (for bragging rights) plus a give-back element to your virtual team building program that helps an entrepreneur start or grow their business and your team will truly be “Playing with a Purpose.”.

What would you do if you crash-landed in the middle of the desert? Imagine you have only a few salvageable items that can either help or hinder your chance for survival. Now imagine you have a team to help you with those choices. The odds of you getting out of this predicament in one piece jumps greatly. See if your team has what it takes to get everyone back to safety during this virtual team building activity.

There is something mystical about Mount Everest – it captures people’s imagination even if most of us will never see it first-hand. Summit’s president Scott Kress saw it from bottom to top in 2008 - a year that presented climbers with more obstacles than ever before. Breath-taking photos and videos will take your team from basecamp to the highest point on the planet. Along the way, they must work together to overcome a series of challenges – no one gets to the top alone. It takes a team.