Summit Team Building

The Challenge

Every year Toronto Hydro gathers all their outside workers for a Safety Reflection Day. Safety is the top priority for Toronto Hydro and they provide extensive training throughout the year. The Safety Reflection day is not designed as a training day, but as a reflection day.

Participants are provided with time and guidance to reflect upon their day to day routines as they relate to creating a safe work environment. The group of 800 needed to be divided into 8 different session to accommodate logistics and work schedules. The session needed to be engaging, audience appropriate, insightful and emotionally compelling.

The Solution

Summit partnered with Toronto Hydro to design a Safety Reflection session with a focus on Job Planning. Many accident investigations determined that poor initial planning lead to the incident.

The theme for the session would be Plan Safe, Work Safe, Finish Safe. The session started with an emotionally charged presentation from an individual who had been injured in a workplace accident. The purpose of this presentation was for the participants to see firsthand the consequences of poor job safety and to connect with them on an emotional level.

We then used an ice-breaker to transition to the more content oriented part of the session. Scott Kress read an abridge version of his Everest keynote with a focus on how he used planning to identify and reduce hazards on the mountain creating a safe work environment. In this presentation Scott introduced various models and tools selected to support the theme.