The never ending storm

It now January 8 and we have been pinned down at high camp for 4 days. It is very miserable outside the tent. The temperature is about -26c with a 20 knot wind making the windchill -46c. Too cold to go out for long. We are consuming small amounts of food and water to conserve our supplies (we don’t know how much longer the storm will last as it has already been here 7 days) and so that we do not need to venture outside to the bathroom very frequently. There is not much to do inside the tent. Books were too heavy to carry up and power is limited for devices. I carry a small power bank to recharge my phone and satellite transmitter. Since these items are critical safety items  I cannot afford to use the power for luxuries and need to reserve it. The forecast shows a slight improvement for tomorrow so if it looks manageable we will try for the summit. Wish us luck.