Summit Team Building

Mercedes Benz

No other team development could have made the day as exceptional. Scott and Dave from Summit were energetic, engaged and kept the team engaged. As an organizer I have to say they made my job easy, a few words and ideas thrown their way and voila! I can't wait to work with you again. Till next time.

Mercedes Benz

The Challenge

Every year Mercedes Benz Canada runs competitions to select their best technicians from across Canada. These are the cream of the crop. The best six people in several complementary categories assemble into a single national team that travels to Germany for several days of competitive problem-solving challenges that will determine the best out of over 30 teams worldwide.

When they meet in Toronto a few days before their flight, they do not know each other and have never worked together. The goal is to help them develop very quickly as a team so they can perform well in the upcoming competition.

The Solution

Time was short. We created and delivered a fast-paced, 4- hour session that was active enough for very sharp, very ‘hands on’ individuals with high technical skills. We provided opportunities for them to bond as a team by having fun together, but also challenged them so they could get to know each other’s strengths, communications preferences and personal styles.

Summit facilitated focused discussions to help them define a common vision for their High Performance team, choose a leader, develop trust and create clear group processes and behaviours so that all ideas would be put on the table, heard by all and acted on effectively.