Lost in the storm

Yesterday we made the move from low camp to high camp. We felt we wanted to put ourselves into position to attempt the summit  when the weather cleared. To get to high camp we first ascended 1200m of fixed line up a 45 degree slope. With full packs this is quite the task I tell you. On the way up we met a group coming down. They had been at high camp for several days and had been pounded by the storm. Several people were suffering from altitude illness and frostbite and they chose to get out of town while they could. As we neared the top of the fixed line the wind picked up considerably and when we pulled over the ridge we were assaulted full force in the face with a 60-70 kph wind with a -50+ c windchill. Finding the trail markers was next to impossible as visibly was no more than 10’. We stumbled into camp 90 minutes later to put up our tents in the roaring wind. My tent floor was as uneven as could be and my air mattress popped so I had a miserable, uncomfortable, and cold night with little sleep. Sound like fun yet? We rested today and hope to go for the summit January 7 but the wind will dictate what we can do.