Laurie Warkentin

Laurie Warkentin


Laurie leverages her background as a life coach to listen and work with leaders and teams to reach the goals and potential they have. With a Master of Arts in Global Leadership, Laurie is passionate about collaborating on lasting, sustainable change processes in neighbourhoods and systems in ways that are equitable and just and she volunteers in various roles in her local community. Translated to teams and organizations, Laurie looks to draw out the full participation from everyone she works with when leading team building and training programs.

Having lived in Zambia for a few years, Laurie gets a kick out of facilitating the sometimes awkward but always awesome conversations where vastly different viewpoints come together around the same table to gain understanding of each other.

Laurie is certified in Emotional Intelligence and the Strength Deployment Inventory and in her spare times loves to spend time and travel with her family, read and get outdoors.


“The interactivity, team atmosphere, and friendly competition, combined with humour, creativity and showmanship made for an amazing time.”

Tom O’Neill

Vice President and General Manager, Hub Group Inc.

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