Summit Team Building

The Challenge

The Four Seasons Capital Planning & Procurement Team and Hotel Relations Team were facing a high number of new facility openings and things were moving quickly. An employee survey identified communication as an area of focus for development.

In the pressure-filled environment of hotel openings, communication with both internal and external partners was often suffering. Employees needed to communicate concisely and clearly both in writing and face-to-face so that the right message got to the right people, was understood and was acted upon in a timely way.


The Solution

Summit designed a full-day program for 45 members of the team who were based in Toronto. The training was active and engaging and included team activities, theory, discussion, and application pertaining to effective face-to face and written communications.

We were able to help people understand the principles of connecting with others by attending to their communication styles preferences. We also helped people understand and practice empathetic listening skills, craft concise clear messages and develop a set of team communication standards to guide all interactions.