Dug in at low camp

We are dug in at low camp. We endured raging winds all night threatening to collapse our tents. The forecast is only getting worse over the next three days so we will need to batten down the hatches for sure. At least we are not at high camp where several team are experiencing horrific conditions and can only wait it out. Summit winds are currently 40 knots plus with a windchill of -70 c. Deadly conditions so nobody is moving. Can somebody please do some kind of a nice weather dance or prayer or something for us. We need some positive help at this point.

So what do you do when you are storm bound for several days? Lots of sleeping mostly. You get out of the tent a few times a day to make sure your anchors are holding and reinforce your snow walls. Of course Mother Nature calls every now and then and that is not always pleasant. I am almost done my book and don’t want to use limited battery power on my phone to watch movies or listen to music. I have written all I can in my journal. My tent partner is a great guy from Bolivia but his English is limited and my Spanish is even more so. Good thing I am an introvert. It is times like these that extroverts go crazy and they usually drive everyone else crazy at the same time