The Challenge

A group from the YPO- Toronto Chapter, was meeting for 2 days and wanted to end their time together with a team building program that would challenge them both physically and as a team- as well as get them outdoors! They wanted to take advantage of the amazing outdoor surroundings at their venue location as the group was indoors for most of their meeting.

The Solution

Summit delivered The Rescuers search and rescue simulation program. This 3-hour team building exercise challenged this team to find, treat and evacuate live victims that were situated in a search area on the premises. Summit facilitators armed the participants with the necessary skills through interactive workshops. We also made sure teams were up for the challenge through a preliminary team activity that reinforced the necessary team skills required to take on the search and rescue simulation. Participants were reminded of our “Challenge by Choice” philosophy, and encouraged to participate in a way that best suited them by taking on a role that was appropriate. The team then set up Base Camp and successfully found all the victims- through a well-planned strategy, effective communication and trust within the team.

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