The Challenge

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine was planning a conference for a group of 150 participants, all in varying years of their residencies. These medical learners were from many different fields and did not usually get much interdisciplinary interaction outside of a clinical setting. They were also from a wide- ranging geographical area so many had not met each other before.

No one in the group had participated in any kind of structured team building previously, however the organizers felt it was important to provide them with an experience that would help demonstrate the impact that team dynamics and effective communication have on overall performance. They also wanted to give the group an opportunity to get outside and have some fun together.

The Solution

Summit delivered an extended version of our Survive or Thrive program. This competitive challenge begins with a conversation about the difference between teams that thrive vs ones that simply survive, as well as what it takes to become a high performing team.

Teams are formed and are taken through a series of group challenges that increase in complexity as the program progresses. Each activity is designed to lead to a debrief conversation that highlights a characteristic of a high-performing team. i.e building consensus, raising the bar, effective communication, decision making, trust, brainstorming, leveraging team and individual strengths. All of the activities are designed to be fun, adult appropriate and engaging for the entire group and lead by a team of experienced and professional facilitators.

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