Bird Construction

The Challenge

Bird Construction believes in investing in their people. Bird Academy was started to introduce several training initiatives to promote effective leadership, teamwork, and project management.

The first Leadership Development program was developed to be an 18 month multi module program to help their up and coming leaders acquire the skills necessary to thrive in today’s construction market.

The Solution

Summit partnered with Bird Academy to create several modules for their 18 month leadership development program. Summit designed and continues to deliver a leadership and a team development module.

The leadership module is a full day session that begins with Scott Kress’ Learning in Thin Air keynote. This presentation lays the foundation and introduces models, tools and theory that will be expanded upon later in the course. This classic mountaineering story examines the role of leadership in failure and success and challenges the participants to reflect upon the influence they have on their teams. The session goes on to discuss change and emotional intelligence as they relate to leadership.

The team development module utilizes a high ropes course to examine the evolution of high performance teams, the role of leadership and how to build trust. This day is a highlight of the program.

All participants identify their key insights from each session and develop and action plan for implementation. This ‘homework’ is then examined at the start of the next session to promote application and continuous learning.

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