Antarctica/Mt. Vinson Update January 18 & 19

January 18

45Late dispatch from the relative comforts of Union Glacier camp! We traveled all the way from high camp to base camp today and ALE started to fly us back to Union Glacier right away. Everyone is happy to be back after a long day down climbing the route. We will be here tomorrow just getting things sorted back in the right duffle bags. We will send more news tomorrow but we know we are scheduled to fly back to Punta Arenas on the Illyusian on the 20th, weather dependent. Good night from the bottom of the world!


January 19

Well we have had a nice day today here at the Union Glacier base camp taking pictures with the team, eating a lot and generally relaxing!  We hear that the flight coming from Punta Arenas should be landing tonight at 3 am so we are on standby to fly back to Chile.

The group is in good spirits, hanging out and enjoying being in Antarctica with nothing to do, just riding fat bikes, reading books etc! Most the duffels are zipped up and the guides were busy cataloging all the gear and making our storage of gear.

We will have a big dinner and then a final team meeting in one of the large dining tents here so that all the participants can say a few words about what the expedition has meant to them. We hope to be flying this morning and will report in once we get settled back in Punta Arenas.

Written By: Ryan Waters Mountain Professionals