Antarctica/Mt. Vinson Update January 17th

66We are happy to announce that today 20 of the 26 participants and 5 guides of the True Patriot Love expedition reached the summit of mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica! Every one of our team members made a great effort to climb! We had good weather but the wind was quite high. A few climbers felt that the right decision for them was to return to high camp, while the remaining team members all reached the summit in quite hard and cold summit conditions!

Congratulations to the entire team! It was a very inspiring day, the largest summit group in the history of Vinson, so Mountain Professionals was happy to be the guide service on the climb! Our team worked very hard and everyone made so many efforts to make it happen, from the climbers themselves to the guides, to the TPL admin staff, it was truly a team effort!

We will pack up high camp in the morning and make the move down to base camp, from there we will see what the flight schedule looks like back to Union Glacier and then onward! Everyone is happy here about the climb and excited for the return!!!

From the Mountain Professionals team we are very happy to have worked with such an amazing group on the climb today.  This was really a special expedition to be a part of and we thank the entire TPL organization. Not finished yet, we still need to safely descend to base camp but spirits are high!

Written by: Ryan Waters Mountain Professionals