Conquering Everest Virtual Edition

Summit did a great job facilitating Conquering Everest and "catching" people reacting on screen so it felt very interactive and kept the event moving along. Amazing! The content was great in how it was a fun adventure that had some team lessons organically built in.

Lori James, Managing Director of FSCD Programs

Pacekids Programs


The Idea

There is something mystical about Mount Everest – it captures people’s imagination even if most of us will never see it first-hand. Summit’s president Scott Kress saw it from bottom to top in a year that presented climbers with more obstacles than ever before. Breath-taking photos and videos will take your team from base camp to the highest point on the planet. Along the way, people must work together to overcome a series of challenges – no one gets to the top alone. It takes a team.

This workshop is more than just story-telling. Learn how the lessons of Everest can apply to your team. Effective decision making, made with high levels of trust and support are the true factors that get teams to the top.

All teams have their Everest - what's yours?

The Details

  • We will set the stage for the climb, explaining some of the hazards and challenges teams will face along the way
  • Tools to help you build consensus and gain commitment will be introduced - these tools can be used well beyond the scope of the session and can help your teams make better decisions together
  • In breakout rooms, expedition teams will discuss a series of dilemmas and decide the best way to overcome them
  • A little friendly competition always adds a little fun - find out which team came up with the most answers that matched the expert decisions!

Summit got into the spirit of the event; very impressive. We see a lot of events and we don't always feel like the organizers understand the objective. Our objective was fun and Summit Team Buidling delivered. Fabulous!

Allison Christlaw

Managing Director, Managerial Design


The Results

  • Develop effective problem solving and group-decision making skills
  • Understand and value each person’s unique contribution to the team
  • Increase team commitment through new consensus building approaches
  • Have fun!
Summit Team Building

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