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how to improve virtual meetings

How to Improve Virtual Meetings

What advice can you give us on how to improve virtual meetings? This is a key question we get during our preview events and when planning virtual team building programs for the groups we work with. Let’s start with the problem.

We have all experienced virtual team meetings that are quite passive and therefore disengaging. There are some good reasons and screen habits completely beyond how we run our virtual meetings that contribute to virtual disengagement and the dreaded Zoom fatigue.

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8 Snack Box Companies You Can Use for Virtual Team Building Events

We often speak with the person or small group of people that have been tasked with organizing the agendas for their organization’s event, and we wanted to provide this quick reference guide on some of what we see to be fantastic snack box options to hopefully ease some of your research.

Snack boxes are a great companion to a virtual team building or training program, and in some cases can provide materials needed for a program (such as juggling balls for The Juggling Act team building program or a healthy, high performance snack companion for a High-Performance Team workshop).

Below is a comparison of a few of our favourite options right here in Canada and our neighbour in the USA.

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virtual team challenges

6 Virtual Team Challenges | What They Are and How to Overcome Them

Around the globe, more and more teams and organizations have shifted or adapted to a hybrid if not fully virtual workforce over the past year. There are many benefits to remote work such as the added flexibility, but with that flexibility comes different virtual team challenges, both in our personal lives (separating work from home as an example) and in our work teams.

Building and maintaining strong virtual teams present different and sometimes additional challenges than teams that are together in person.

Building high performance virtual teams requires virtual team building as a critical part to facilitating connection, engagement, collaboration, and relationship building. AND….we have a good idea of what your pushback or concern might be.

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Virtual Team Meetings: 6 Tips to Make Them Engaging

For many people, work lives take place on a screen and virtual meetings are on a gallery view grid. We’ve likely all been in online meetings where one person is talking the whole time and continuously sharing their screen. Be honest, where was your attention? Were you fully engaged?

Passivity, disengagement, and exhaustion are our virtual reality at work as we remain in the same chair, eyes looking at the same screen, with our mute buttons on. When people talk about Zoom burnout, I think what they mean is bad Zoom meetings are exhausting. And they are!

But your virtual meeting does not have to be this way! You can foster a higher level of engagement and connection virtually, but first we need to understand our engrained relationships to our screens and how to change it in order to create engaging virtual meetings.

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Virtual Icebreakers. The pros and cons of DIY

The right DIY virtual icebreakers get your online meetings & team building activities off to a great start. Which are the right ones though?

If you are looking for DIY ideas for virtual icebreakers (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx etc.) for your next team meeting, a quick google search might turn up 7 million ideas. There are so many virtual icebreakers lists out there, it can be overwhelming just sifting through them.
Which icebreakers work? Which ones are fun? Which ones are lame? Which ones make sense for your particular team or group? Which meet your objectives?

These are all questions you might want to consider before leading an icebreaker, and it could take some time reading through many lists to find some that will work for your team.

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