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Key Insights on Building High Performance Teams

Recently Summit Team Building President Scott Kress sat down with Shaun Francis, CEO of Medcan for the Eat Move Think podcast. ‘Eat Move Think’ is a great podcast for anyone that leads, manages or is responsible for the development of high performance teams.

The podcast How to Build High Performance Teams, Shaun and Scott covered everything from the origins of team building to where it is today and a whole bunch of interesting information in between, including how leadership disproportionately impacts team culture. The popular show Ted Lasso makes a great example of leadership impacting team culture.

Team building has always been important, and now more so than ever. Teams are experiencing unprecedented change, challenge and stress and if we want them to continue to perform, we need to provide them with the support they need.

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as Shaun and Scott did making it.

Shaun Francis is the CEO of Medcan, a Toronto based healthcare provider. Shaun knows the importance of teams and walks the talk. For close to 20 years now Summit has been engaged with Medcan to deliver a 1-day training/team building program called the Values session. This program is for all new hires and helps them to learn and understand the values and culture at Medcan.

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In-Person Team & Virtual Team Building | The Future of Team Building, Part 4

In the first 3 parts of this series on the future of team building, in part 1 we have examined what team building is and a brief historical review. In part 2 we examined the world of Virtual Team Building and in part 3 we looked at In-Person Team Building. For this final post in this series, we will take a look at the complex world of hybrid team building which incorporates both in-person and virtual elements.

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Team Building Definition | The Future of Team Building, Part 1

What is the definition of team building? Ultimately the goal is to create a workplace that provides team members with a fulfilling and supportive environment and has high productivity results. How is this achieved? It can be an organic evolution as a group of people come together, connect effectively, and produce above average results. The challenge with relying on the organic approach is that sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. To provide a higher likelihood of achieving a positive team culture and superior results we turn to team building.

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in person meetings

In Person Meetings | What to Consider to Making Them Safe Post COVID

It has been 16 months since we have had an in person meeting with a client let alone delivered an in person team building program.

During this time, we have pivoted and created many great virtual programs to help keep our clients focused, learning and growing. These virtual programs have been great, but we do miss the personal connections made during an in person meeting, workshops and events.

We are encouraged to say that there seems to be a shift in the team building, event, and meeting world and in society in general.

In fact, in a smart and safe way, having an in person meeting for small teams is starting to happen again!

Yet, Planning an in person meeting today involves things you’d never have though of doing before the pandemic. Here are some things to consider.

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Team Building In Collingwood and Blue Mountain

The Collingwood and Blue Mountain area is one of the most popular recreation, tourism and meeting and conference areas in Canada and Ontario. This area is truly a four season destination with all you need for a great family holiday, a recreational adventure or a great team meeting or conference.

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Team Building In Ontario

Team building in Ontario? Being Canada’s most populous province, many companies operate out of Ontario and host team meetings, events

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Team Building Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s leading cities for meetings, events and conferences. There is so much to see and do and a wide variety of venues and locations to choose from. At Summit Team building we have had the pleasure working with countless groups and just about every meeting and conference facility in the area. Here is some information based on our years of experience.

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Three Key Motivation Interview Questions to Help Find the Extra Milers

How exactly do we identify ‘extra milers’? Particularly because these extra milers are often motivated by the culture and camaraderie around them, leaders need to be extremely mindful of team composition. We need to intentionally bring on these extra milers and – unfortunately – reject those who don’t fit in with a culture of going above and beyond (i.e., the coasters).

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