Zoom Icebreakers | 10 Ways to Energize Your Meetings in 2022

The New Normal Calls for Icebreakers! Zoom Icebreakers! Since 2020 virtual meetings have become, a normal part of many people’s work life. Have you experienced online meetings that are dull and unenergetic, with video screens off? Staying focused and engaged can be difficult. This is where Zoom icebreakers can help get your meetings off to…

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Charity Team Building | Ideas and Keys to Success

Charity Team Building

Use these guidelines, ideas & charity team building activities at your conference or company offsite event. Add fun into your fundraising.

A charity team building challenge has become a must do for an organization when at a conference. Not only does this type of program accomplish the ever important team building element, but it also adds in a feel good component.

Many organizations have a mandate to be charitable and it is often stated in their company values. Your company can combine team building and giving back at the same time. What better way to grow as a team, feel good about who you are, and serve your company values at the same time.

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Emotional Intelligence Training | Key Things to Consider

EI Training

In this post, Laurie Warkentin provides some key insights on the importance of emotional intelligence training. She covers making the case for training, how to use emotional information and relationships, and why an intelligence training workshop might be a good choice for your organization. Making a Case for Emotional Intelligence Training If you were to…

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Online Sales Training | Partner Spotlight

Northbound Sales Training delivers a live instructor-led online program, ‘Goal Aligned™ Selling’. This 8-module course will give you the skills & strategies to succeed in this tough selling environment. 

You can experience the program from anywhere and learn in short, bite-sized sessions – the best way for people to learn!

If you’re a sales manager, this is a perfect way to develop solid foundational selling skills for a select few members of your team!

We all know the world of selling was turned on its head last year and most salespeople are still facing an uphill climb to get back to pre-COVID levels.  As things open up, you’ll need to equip yourself with sharper selling skills to capitalize on every sales opportunity. 

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In-Person Team & Virtual Team Building | The Future of Team Building, Part 4

In the first 3 parts of this series on the future of team building, in part 1 we have examined what team building is and a brief historical review. In part 2 we examined the world of Virtual Team Building and in part 3 we looked at In-Person Team Building. For this final post in this series, we will take a look at the complex world of hybrid team building which incorporates both in-person and virtual elements.

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Virtual Team Building | The Future of Team Building, Part 2

In the first installment of this series, we explored the definition of team building as well as offering some historical insight. We will now turn to the current world of team building which has undergone a radical change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting in March of 2020, all in person meetings ceased and along…

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