NEW | Lunch and Learn Leadership Development Series


Too much on your plate and not enough time to get your entire team together? Join us for our Lunch and Learn leadership series. We break down some universal elements of team success into bite-sized pieces and give you a take-away box that you can share with your team.

You will look like a hero when you show them what you learned. This series is designed for leaders who need quick and easy tools to keep their teams motivated, engaged and focused on what is important to their success.

Our 2021 Lunch & Learn sessions were a great success. Contact us to register for upcoming 2022 dates.


Leadership Series | Week 1 - Circles of Influence 

There's no question - It often feels like there is very little we have influence over. It's easy to focus on the things we can't control. With only so much energy to spend in a day let's direct it to where it will make a real difference.


Leadership Series | Week 2 - Communication Styles

Why is it so easy to communicate with some people and not with others? Is it us? Is it them? It's actually a little of both. Find out how you can make intent = impact in the way you interact with your team.


Leadership Series | Week 3 - Change Leadership 

Change happens fast - transition happens slow. How do you get your team on board when major changes are occurring within your organization?


Leadership Series | Week 4 - Leadership Styles  

Management and leadership are not interchangeable words. Effective leaders know the difference. Choosing the leadership style that will have the best impact on your team is truly a sign of an effective leader.


Leadership Series | Week 5 - Sources of Conflict

Every team has conflict. Conflict can be healthy and lead to better outcomes for teams. Being mired in conflict? Not so much. Learn how to get to the root of of your team's tensions and focus on the real source of opposition.


Leadership Series | Week 6 - Find the Fun!

Teams that play together work better together. We will show you tips and tricks to inject a spirit of playfulness and fun into your everyday meetings. Think of it as the dessert in this six-course menu.

Each session will provide you with directly applicable tools, insights and strategies that will make an immediate difference for you and your team.

Price: $495 per person for the series or ask us about a la carte sessions.

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