Summit Team Building

The Summit team provided a fun and innovative learning environment with their "Lights, Camera, Action" seminar. It was very interactive and hands-on while driving the principles of teamwork and leadership at the same time.

Janna James
Campus Recruiting Specialist, PricewaterhouseCoopers



Transforming a great idea into a feature film is said to be the magic of Hollywood. Rarely do we think about the necessary pieces that need to come together to produce this magic, but it is a collaboration where true teamwork happens.

This team building adventure will have your group identifying the skills needed for team success. Groups will be challenged to communicate this through a ‘movie trailer’ made up of digital photographs, screen shots, narration, and special effects.



The event allowed me to see myself and those around me better. I learned not to take situations for granted but to optimize them through shared leadership and coordinating activities.

Ed Ridley

Compliance Specialist, Indian 


and Gas Limited

Team Building - Virtual

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