Lights, Camera, Action! Virtual Edition

The Summit team provided a fun and innovative learning environment with their "Lights, Camera, Action" seminar. It was very interactive and hands-on while driving the principles of teamwork and leadership at the same time.

Janna James

Campus Recruiting Specialist, PricewaterhouseCoopers


The Idea

Transforming a great idea into a feature film is said to be the magic of Hollywood. Rarely do we think about the necessary pieces that need to come together to produce this magic, but it is a collaboration where true teamwork happens.

This team building adventure will have your group identifying the skills needed for team success. Groups will be challenged to communicate this through a 'movie trailer' made up of digital photographs, screen shots, narration, and special effects.

The Details

  • Your team will be divided into small 'production crews'
  • Crews will earn various movie enhancing rewards by completing pop-culture related challenges
  • Each production crew will create a 1-minute trailer using digital photography, screen shots and whatever else their imagination comes up with.
  • Final creations will be presented at the 'Summit Film Festival' where only one team will be awarded Best Picture!
  • Overall theme of films to be created can be customized to compliment your team's conference theme or company values

The event allowed me to see myself and those around me better. I learned not to take situations for granted but to optimize them through shared leadership and coordinating activities.

Ed Ridley

Compliance Specialist, Indian Oil and Gas Limited


The Results

  • Foster creativity and celebrate team success
  • Present key organizational themes or messages in an entertaining and memorable way
  • Meet challenges with new enthusiasm
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