Is leadership training important? I am often asked if great leaders are born or are they trained to be that way. I believe the answer is a little of both. There are certain leadership traits, qualities and characteristics we are born with and there are others that are learned and refined over the years. When you focus on leadership training you are building on these natural skills and augmenting these with new and different leadership skills.

Great companies, and those that strive to be great invest in leadership training. A recent survey of more than 500 executives (Measuring the ROI of Leadership Development and Strategy), indicated that 27 % of those who said their company was winning in the marketplace, attributed the success to great leadership. Leadership training appears to be a significant leverage point for organizational success. Yet how many companies view it as a priority?

At Summit Team Building we see leadership training as a deliberate process that takes into account the desired vision of great leadership, including behaviours and skills, and an honest assessment of the current state of the leader(s). When those two things are known, then a deliberate leadership training plan can address the gap. If leadership training is to be a priority, an organization must pay attention to all the parts: make a plan, revisit the plan frequently and invest in delivery.

Many larger organizations, particularly public institutions, have developed detailed leadership competency models. They have defined what great leadership looks like at each level within their organizations. This is akin to having a “leadership vision”. It is an important first step because “one size does not fit all”. Some organizations need, for example, leaders who can operate effectively from a base of influence rather than power.

It is also critical in any leadership training program to assess the current, relevant competencies of the leaders. Summit team Building administers a wide variety of self- and 360- assessments such as the EQi 2.0, MBTI, Strength Deployment Inventory, Strengths finder 2.0 and many more.

Assessments should be integrated with action planning and skill development in identified areas. And these should not be limited to the top executives in a company. Mid-managers and supervisors inevitably leave their fingerprints all over any decisions from the top. Leadership training investments should also target them.

In today’s work environment your people are your competitive advantage. And therefore, teamwork is critical. Teamwork is the single most important factor in organizational success. It is what separates the good from the great. Stephen Covey was quoted saying that is it the “front line that produces the bottom line”. If all this is true than it is critical you focus on leadership training as it is the leaders that train, develop, and mentor your groups of people into powerful high performance teams.

At Summit Team Building we have many different options to offer as you strive to enhance the abilities of your organizations leaders. Give us a call to discuss your needs and to see what we can offer for your leadership training needs.