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Charity Team Building Program

As individuals, we want to feel useful. We want to find meaning in the things that we do. At Summit, we wanted to find a way to help transform lives and communities around the world as we worked towards our mission of building high-performance teams across the globe – it’s why we’ve intentionally incorporated give-back components into a number of our team building programs.

Here are some of the ways the global community benefits when our clients participate in our programs:

Charity Team Building Program

Kiva Loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Though our Play it Forward, program teams select a person or group they would like to support – the greater their success, the bigger the loan. Each time a selected entrepreneur pays back their loan via Kiva, the money gets reloaned to another entrepreneur in need. This process is ongoing, so each loan can end up going an incredibly long way. To date, Summit Team Building has loaned over $250,000 to entrepreneurs in emerging with the support of clients who have taken part in the Play It Forward program – thank you!


One World Futbols for resource-poor communities.

Much more than a normal soccer ball, the One World Futbol can withstand the toughest playing conditions in the world. With the Futbol, kids living in harsh conditions where standard soccer balls don’t last long would now have a lasting resource for play. When clients choose our Survive or Thrive program, Summit will donate a One World Futbol for each team participating to a community in need.

Charity Team Building Program

Prostheses for communities in need in developing countries.

Prosthetic devices give amputees independence and a chance to live a fuller life, but unfortunately, they aren’t available to many amputees living in emerging countries. To help address this need, we partnered with PBO Group out of St. Catherines, and designed our Step Up program to integrate team building and give-back. On behalf of each participating team in this program, Summit will donate a prosthetic leg (or other needed prosthetic devices) to a community in need via Niagara Prosthetics’ international outreach program. Since this program debuted in 2013, several hundred prosthetics have been donated to communities around the world, such as Kijabe, Kenya. We’re thankful for the clients who have taken part in the Step Up program, look forward to continuing to give back to the global community through this initiative.

Team Building Program

Art supplies and programs for Creative Village Art Studio.

Creative Village Studio is an art studio operated by Community Living Toronto that provides community members with varying abilities a chance to enrich their lives through creative expression. When our clients take part in an Art of Team program, Summit Team Building will make a donation on behalf of each participating team to Creative Village Studio, which will allow them to purchase art supplies, equipment, and deliver art programs for those in need. With the generous support of our clients, Summit Team Building has been able to assist Creative Village Studio in providing hundreds of community members with a chance to unleash the power of their creativity.

Charity Team Building Program

Non-perishable item and financial donations to local community service organizations.

Community Care is an organization based in the Niagara Region that has been providing food security, housing support, and medical programs to community members in need for over 100 years. Each time a team participates in a Putt-ing People First program, Summit Team Building donates either non-perishable items or its financial equivalent to Community Care, or similar organizations based in other communities. The Putt-ing People First program has generated thousands of dollars of donations to these organizations since it debuted in 2015, and we look forward to continuing to support these organizations as they work towards transforming lives and communities.


Donations for Canadian Tire Jumpstart

At Summit, we believe in the play can transform teams, organizations, and lives. It’s why we’re proud to support Canadian Tire Jumpstart, who give kids around Canada the gift of play and consequently, a chance to build relationships, confidence, and new skills. For each team that participates in our brand-new Jump Start Your Team program, Summit Team Building will be making a financial donation to Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

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