Summit is my go-to company for outstanding team building events! I have partnered with Summit on more than one occasion for corporate team building events and they raise the bar every single time. Expert facilitators, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!

MG Paddock

GeoQuest 2022 Program Icons

The Idea

Embark on a fun filled, competitive travel search with your team without leaving the comfort of your home or office!

In this virtual challenge, teams compete to find geographic locations all over the planet as fast as they possibly can. They will navigate Google maps, decipher clues and share information with each other to zero in on as many countries, cities or even parks as they can find! If they are right, they earn points, if not, points are deducted. 3 rounds of increasing difficulty to will truly put your teams to the test.

Get curious and compete while scratching the travel itch from home!

The Details

  • In breakout rooms, travel teams will choose a captain and share their bucket list travel destinations or the best places they've ever visited.
  • Each round challenges teams to find up to 5 locations on the planet. Some are as broad as countries, some are a lot more specific.
  • A little friendly competition always adds some fun - find out which team accumulates the most points as they travel their way to victory!
  • Themed options are available such as Haunted Places, Christmas Express and more!

Summit did a wonderful job and I have received nothing but positive remarks from our participants – I cannot think of a better way to have launched our conference!

Laurie Verbruggen

Human Resources, Schindler Elevator Corporation


The Results

  • Practice effective communication, problem solving and group-decision making skills
  • Understand and value each person’s unique contribution to the team
  • Have a fun break with your colleagues from your day to day routine.
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