The Challenge

PARO delivers leadership training to new physicians as part of their mandate. These young doctors are beginning careers in which they will assume a variety of very important leadership roles: as family physicians, as business owners, as specialists, as hospital administrators and in a variety of other roles. The demands of leadership are many and diverse. High performance as a leader is critical.

The Solution

Summit worked with PARO to design eight themed 5-hour modules that each examines a key dimension of leadership and unfolds over 2 years for each cohort.

The initial module sets the stage with a riveting keynote presentation and workshop with Summit President and mountaineer Scott Kress. The second session features a powerful high ropes course experience that helps them examine their perceptions of risk and develop a strong, trust-based bond as a group. Subsequent modules look at personal styles with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Intelligence with EQi 2.0, Leadership Styles, Communication,

Change and Conflict. All the sessions include applications to the medical environment that the participants are currently experiencing.

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