Medcan Clinic

The Challenge

A long standing and successful business, The Medcan Clinic is one of Canada’s oldest and largest private healthcare providers. As a new President came on board he wanted to re-focus the company for the future. He did not want to simply rely upon what had been successful in the past. A new senior leadership team was assembled and the building began. The path was not clear at this point, but what was clear was they they needed to work from the foundation up. The leadership team needed to be rock solid and united on a clear vision, mission, values and strategic plan.

The Solution

Summit joined this new team right at the start on a 3-day leadership retreat. The purpose pf this time together was to focus on team building. Relationship is the foundation of all high performance teams and without trust, communication, and understanding the team will never reach their full potential.

From here we examined the organizational vision, mission, and values. Often times this is an underutilized tool within organizations. If used correctly it is a powerful force used to drive all actions and decisions. With this completed, the team now had the ability to focus on a long term growth strategy got Medcan. They made a slight turn selling off very successful parts of the business to focus on the clinic.

Medcan today is the largest private healthcare clinic in the world and is every day helping it’s clients lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

Summit continues to work with Medcan having developed a team development program for all new hires. This program acts as an initiation into the organization providing clarity around vision, mission, and values and how their role within the company brings these to life. The program sets a standard of expectation for how teamwork, communication, and collaboration happens within Medcan.

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