Interac e-transfer

The Challenge

Interac Association/Acxsys Corp operate an economical, world class debit system. With broad-based acceptance, 24/7 reliability, security and efficiency, Interac products and services are an everyday part of life for many people worldwide. The Product Services and Innovation group were together for a two-day offsite meeting and wanted to participate in a team building activity for which they had 3 main objectives

  1. Understand and value each person’s unique contribution to the team
  2. Foster effective communication and generate interdepartmental collaboration
  3. Elevate team spirit and morale

The Solution

Summit took the time to get to know the business, the team leader, the team roles, goals, and challenges, in order to gain understanding around their expectations for a successful team building event. This would be the first time this team had engaged in a structured team building program so it was important to Summit and to Interact to find an activity that would be a perfect fit for the group.

After reviewing several options with our contact, Summit delivered our very popular and versatile Put Your Chef Hat On! program. The program was a great success in that it had all of the ingredients the client was looking for. The entire group was engaged in the challenge and they had fun competing, getting creative and working together as teams.   The two day offsite was packed with a series of meeting and Put Your Chef Hat On! provided the perfect opportunity to take a break from work and just enjoy some time together outside of the office.

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