The Juggling Act

"This was the perfect workshop to support our meeting. We had been talking about these exact learning principles and this activity put it all into practice. Everyone was engaged, learning and having fun and they were so much more productive as a result of this short time spent learning a new skill in a dynamic environment."

Training Director

Acklands Grainger

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The Idea

We’ve all been there...back-to-back meetings where concentration and focus fades as the day goes on. Inevitably, the final product is the total loss of your team’s engagement. In order to make the most of your limited and valuable face-to-face meeting time, your team needs to be in an environment which promotes engagement, focus, and critical thinking.

In this program, we inject an atmosphere of energy, engagement and critical learning into your offsite meeting. The Juggling Act challenge lends itself to accomplishing numerous different goals, which can be customized to your meet your team’s unique needs.

In this intricately designed team building session, we will coach your team towards mastering the art of juggling. The process involved in overcoming this challenge can be applied to tackling any challenge in the workplace. In addition to providing a fun and lively energy-booster to your meeting, The Juggling Act can also produce numerous learning moments for your team.

The Details

  • Give your team a reinvigorating break from your offsite meeting by engaging in some fun and interactive learning
  • In 90 minutes, we will give you all the skills you need to successfully master the art of juggling
  • The principles involved in learning to juggle can be easily applied to other challenges your team is tasked with overcoming
  • Get your team up and out of their seats to play with a purpose, as they learn, laugh and get re-energized
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The Results

  • Build relationships through fun, learning, making lots of mistakes and coaching each other to success
  • Apply new learning skills to other challenges your team takes on
  • Take a break from your conference meetings and inject a high energy challenge into your day
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