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5 Components of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a tool to help our awareness of our current capacity for resilience, empathy, stress and self management. EI also informs our social interactions and how we handle conflict. Growing our EI has considerable benefits for individuals personally and it also is a significant teamwork advantage as it is a practical tool that teams can use to grow towards high performance.

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How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Why is emotional intelligence important in the workplace?

Those with effectively functioning emotional intelligence are:

  • more likely to engage and communicate in ways that maintain and build social connection
  • able to problem solve when stress or emotions are involved
  • can regulate their thoughts and behaviours to make good decisions under a variety of stressful or emotional circumstances

These are all skills that are critically important in all our workplaces. Developing Emotional Intelligence or EI in our teams is a great way in which we can become self and team aware and develop these important soft skills that we need more than ever in our workplaces.

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Employee Wellbeing | 5 Ways to Support Your Employees in 2022

Employee wellbeing can’t be overlooked in 2022. Numerous organizations have seen their people costs rise as employees leave and new hires are brought on. Many have reached burnout and/or are re-prioritizing their lives since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Typically, over their decades of research, Gallup has found that when employee engagement is stronger, wellbeing follows. However, since the global pandemic, employee engagement and wellbeing are going their separate ways and are not as closely tied together as they have been. The “Wellbeing-Engagement Paradox” as described by Gallup presents key information and is a critical trend for employers to pay attention to. The Gallup polling indicates that “working from home during COVID-19 is associated with intensified levels of both stable engagement and negative emotions, like stress or worry. In other words, since the pandemic, engagement has generally stayed at a steady or increased level while wellbeing has gone down. It appears that low employee wellbeing equals what many have called the “great resignation”.

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Zoom Icebreakers | 10 Ways to Energize Your Meetings in 2022

Since 2020 virtual meetings have become, a normal part of many people’s work life. Have you experienced online meetings that are dull and unenergetic, with video screens off? Staying focused and engaged can be difficult. This is where Zoom icebreakers can help get your meetings off to a good start with your team! Even if you’re not using Zoom, try these out regardless of the meeting platform you’re using.

At Summit, we have spent the past two decades designing innovative activities and programs that energize and engage our clients, and we have a reputation for delivering team experiences that break the mold. Now that virtual meetings are reality for most teams at least sometimes if not most often, we put our heads together to discover and create, new zoom icebreakers that work well in virtual team environments. These icebreakers are energizers that can be used to boost your online team meetings if you use Zoom or not.

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Charity Team Building

Charity Team Building | Ideas and Keys to Success

Use these guidelines, ideas & charity team building activities at your conference or company offsite event. Add fun into your fundraising.

A charity team building challenge has become a must do for an organization when at a conference. Not only does this type of program accomplish the ever important team building element, but it also adds in a feel good component.

Many organizations have a mandate to be charitable and it is often stated in their company values. Your company can combine team building and giving back at the same time. What better way to grow as a team, feel good about who you are, and serve your company values at the same time.

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Emotional Intelligence Training | Key Things to Consider

In this post, Laurie Warkentin provides some key insights on the importance of emotional intelligence (EI) training. She covers making the case for training, touches on what the 5 main EI competency areas are, and why an EI training workshop might be a good choice for your organization.

If you were to make a list of all the things that impact you, what kinds of things would be on that list? Think about all the things that you are concerned about and that directly or indirectly have an impact on you

What’s on your list? The environment? Your job? The rise in the cost of living?

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Three Key Motivation Interview Questions to Help Find the Extra Milers

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